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In Paris, a Glimpse of Public Transportation’s Driverless Future

France may be famous for its cheese and wine, but it’s also a longtime leader in driverless transit. Paris boasted one of the earliest models of automatic trains in 1983, and two metro lines currently run without a conductor onboard. And the push t… Continue reading

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Wait, What Happened in Cuba?

U.S.-Cuban relations have taken an unusual turn after several U.S. diplomats, and at least one Canadian diplomat, experienced hearing damage after being targeted by a covert “sonic device” in Havana.

Huh? A what?

On Wednesday, U.S. officials wh… Continue reading

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The Ice Tank Shaping Future Coast Guard Icebreakers

Imagine your childhood bathtub playtime magnified into large model ships plowing through an ice-filled tank with a length that rivals the Statue of Liberty’s height. That 300-foot ice tank in the Canadian city of St. John’s is currently helping … Continue reading

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XPRIZE Enlists Science Fiction Advisors to Dream Bigger

The world of 20 years ago would probably seem unrecognizable to many who have grown with Internet and mobile services enabling an always-connected, everything-on-demand lifestyle. Now imagine hitting fast forward and teleporting 20 years into the f… Continue reading

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There Are No Digital Natives

Oh, kids these days. When they want to know something they Google it. When they want to buy something they go to Amazon. When they want to date someone they open Tinder.

It’s almost like they’re from a different country, one where technology has ble… Continue reading

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Crucial Steps Ahead for Flying Cars

Flying cars are up against a wall — literally. Turning aircraft into street-safe machines requires manufacturers to prove their safety standards in crash tests. So at least one expensive prototype needs to get smashed to smithereens, while its dumm… Continue reading

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Free Microchip Implants, the New Employee Perk?

A Wisconsin company will be the first in the United States to implant microchips beneath the skin of its employees.

Three Squared Market (32M), a break-room kiosk company, has offered to give its workers subdermal RFID tags, tiny rice-grain-sized pe… Continue reading

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Toyota Wants Cars to Predict Heart Attacks

A heart attack or diabetic blackout can have especially deadly consequences for drivers when they cause car crashes. Toyota researchers hope to change that grim equation by studying how wearable devices could help smart cars possibly save lives by … Continue reading

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Inflatable, Vine-like Robot Can Do It All

A new soft robot grows like a creeping vine to weave its way around obstacles and nose into tiny spaces.

From researchers at Stanford University, the robot consists mostly of an inflatable tube that’s been folded in on itself and coiled up. To move,… Continue reading

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Here’s How Much Plastic Humanity Has Produced

I want to say just one word to you. Just one word. Are you listening?


There was indeed a great future in plastics back in 1967 when “The Graduate” came out, and those words ring true even today as plastic production continues to soar. … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence Experts Respond to Elon Musk’s Dire Warning for U.S. Governors

If you hadn’t heard, Elon Musk is worried about the machines.

Though that may seem a quixotic stance for the head of multiple tech companies to take, it seems that his proximity to the bleeding edge of technological development has given him the he… Continue reading

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How Disney Tech Can Immerse Park Guests in ‘Star Wars’

Disney tech is getting ready to grant the wish of any Star Wars fan who ever wished to stand inside the cavernous space of a Star Destroyer hanger or help fly the Millennium Falcon during a space battle. The entertainment giant has promised a “re… Continue reading

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DARPA Is Spending $65 Million to Meld Mind and Machine

The U.S. defense agency that specializes in “out-there” science and technology endeavors is on a quest to bridge the gap between brain and computer.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) recently awarded $65 million to six differ… Continue reading

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New, Noninvasive Imaging Technique Finds Heart Disease Before It Hurts

A new, noninvasive imaging method lets researchers pick up on the warning signs of heart disease long before a heart attack or stroke can take place.

The noninvasive technique uses current computed tomography (CT) scanning technology to analyze imag… Continue reading

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Designing a Safer Explosive

This Fourth of July, as you and your family settle on a sandy beach or grassy lawn to watch a fireworks display, you’re probably not thinking about the science behind the explosives you’re witnessing. In fact, you probably are not even thinking o… Continue reading

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Self-Wrinkling Mini-Mazes Could Serve as Cybersecurity Moats

Scientists are bringing wrinkles into style with self-organizing mini-mazes that could someday serve as digital fingerprints for secure technology.

In a study published Friday in Science Advances, a team of researchers, led by Wook Park of Kyung Hee… Continue reading

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Report Tells Pentagon to Beware Nuclear Drone Bombers

The U.S. Air Force’s future B-21 Raider bomber may have the option to remove the human pilots from the cockpit and effectively become a large drone bomber. In one of the more unlikely scenarios, B-21 Raiders could theoretically end up carrying nu… Continue reading

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China Profits as US Hesitates on Selling Armed Drones

More than 15 years after a U.S. Predator drone launched its first Hellfire missile, the United States remains reluctant to sell armed drones to even its closest allies. That hesitation in selling armed drones has left the door open for countries such… Continue reading

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An Algorithm Can Pick the Next Silicon Valley Unicorn

In the world of venture capitalists, not everyone is Peter Thiel. The Silicon Valley investor reaped 1 billion dollars in 2012 when he cashed in his Facebook stocks, turning a 2,000 percent profit from his initial $500,000 investment. Stories like T… Continue reading

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Will Robots Rule Finance?

The year is 2030. You’re in a business school lecture hall, where just a handful of students are attending a finance class.

The dismal turnout has nothing to with professorial style, school ranking or subject matter. Students simply aren’t enrol… Continue reading

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Everything Worth Knowing About … The Perfect Battery

How we’re powering up our lives. Continue reading

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Everything Worth Knowing About … Ancient DNA

The lure and limitations of a coded past. Continue reading

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Bendable, Stretchable Batteries Provide a Jump Start for Wearable Tech

Incorporating electronic components into everything we wear is the fashion trend of the future. But those LEDs, health sensors, heaters and whatever else we’ll come up with all need energy. A battery is a logical solution, but it’s been difficult… Continue reading

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How Verbs and Nouns Got Apollo to the Moon

The Apollo guidance computer did a lot with a little, but the idea that your cell phone has more computer power is a little off. Yes, a smartphone can hold more information but it doesn’t exactly have the software to get you to the Moon. But the com… Continue reading

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Large-Scale, Quantum Communication Networks Are Within Reach

Veering from the path of their counterparts at other institutions, researchers from the Max Planck Institute in Germany say they’ve found an easier path toward large-scale, secure communication networks.

They demonstrated that it’s possible to dis… Continue reading

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Largest US Employer Adopts Virtual Reality Training

Virtual reality technology that has helped train NFL quarterbacks could also soon provide virtual training experiences for hundreds of thousands of Walmart associates. By the end of 2017, Walmart plans to roll out virtual reality training to the … Continue reading

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Microsoft AI Notches the Highest ‘Ms. Pac-Man’ Score Possible

A Microsoft artificial intelligence has achieved the ultimate high score in Ms. Pac-Man, maxing out the counter at just under a million points.

With its randomly-generated ghost movements, Ms. Pac-Man has proven a tough nut for AI to crack, as it c… Continue reading

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Can Medical Devices Speak the Body’s Language?

Materials scientist Canan Dagdeviren’s cutting-edge work on flexible sensors is grounded in personal experiences. Continue reading

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Who Will Give Lab-Grown Meat a Chance?

Would you try it? Continue reading

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Everything Worth Knowing About … Surviving Space

Settle the final frontier. Continue reading

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