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Bendable, Stretchable Batteries Provide a Jump Start for Wearable Tech

Incorporating electronic components into everything we wear is the fashion trend of the future. But those LEDs, health sensors, heaters and whatever else we’ll come up with all need energy. A battery is a logical solution, but it’s been difficult… Continue reading

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How Verbs and Nouns Got Apollo to the Moon

The Apollo guidance computer did a lot with a little, but the idea that your cell phone has more computer power is a little off. Yes, a smartphone can hold more information but it doesn’t exactly have the software to get you to the Moon. But the com… Continue reading

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Large-Scale, Quantum Communication Networks Are Within Reach

Veering from the path of their counterparts at other institutions, researchers from the Max Planck Institute in Germany say they’ve found an easier path toward large-scale, secure communication networks.

They demonstrated that it’s possible to dis… Continue reading

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Largest US Employer Adopts Virtual Reality Training

Virtual reality technology that has helped train NFL quarterbacks could also soon provide virtual training experiences for hundreds of thousands of Walmart associates. By the end of 2017, Walmart plans to roll out virtual reality training to the … Continue reading

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Microsoft AI Notches the Highest ‘Ms. Pac-Man’ Score Possible

A Microsoft artificial intelligence has achieved the ultimate high score in Ms. Pac-Man, maxing out the counter at just under a million points.

With its randomly-generated ghost movements, Ms. Pac-Man has proven a tough nut for AI to crack, as it c… Continue reading

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Can Medical Devices Speak the Body’s Language?

Materials scientist Canan Dagdeviren’s cutting-edge work on flexible sensors is grounded in personal experiences. Continue reading

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Drone and 360-Degree Video Tech Showcases Aquaculture in Tanzania

SecondMuse, an agency that collaborates with organizations to help solve complex problems, looked to the latest drone and 360 video technologies to help showcase aquaculture — the farming of aquatic life-forms — in Tanzania.

Last year, the Blue … Continue reading

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Lost Bomber of World War II Rediscovered

About 75 years ago, the North American B-25 Mitchell bomber became famous as the twin-engined plane that helped the United States launch the first retaliatory attack on the Imperial Japanese homeland during World War II. The medium bombers mainly… Continue reading

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Hacking and Doomsday Top Self-Driving Car Fears Online

Silicon Valley tech giants and Detroit automakers have to convince people to trust self-driving cars before they can sell the futuristic technology to customers. That may prove tricky considering the public’s lingering fears and concerns regarding… Continue reading

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Memorial Day Parade 1922: Runaway Tank Kills Veteran

New York City Memorial Day celebrations have featured parades of military hardware almost since the earliest commemorations following the U.S. Civil War. Barely 15 years after that war’s end, Union Army veterans from New Jersey marched alongside a … Continue reading

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12 Technologies That Will Transform the World

Scientists’ and engineers’ bold ideas are creating a safer, more prosperous planet. Continue reading

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Cold War-era Nuclear Tests Created Belts of Charged Particles Around the Earth

Up until 1963, both the U.S. and Soviet governments conducted over 500 atmospheric nuclear weapons tests. They blew up these weapons anywhere from 16 miles above Earth to 250, well into space. The resulting fallout is estimated to have raised levels… Continue reading

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Emerging Editing Technologies Obscure the Line Between Real and Fake

The image is modest, belying the historic import of the moment. A woman on a white sand beach gazes at a distant island as waves lap at her feet — the scene is titled simply “Jennifer in Paradise.”

This picture, snapped by an Industrial Light and … Continue reading

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A Handy Way to Solve Crime

The thrill of a crime story is the unfolding of “whodunnit,” often against a backdrop of very little evidence. Positively identifying a suspect, even with a photo of her face, is challenging enough. But what if the only evidence available is a gr… Continue reading

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Turn Anything into a Touchscreen With ‘Electrick’

Buttons, who needs ‘em?

A new proof-of-concept technology from Carnegie Mellon University turns everyday objects into touch interfaces with an array of electrodes. Walls, guitars, toys and steering wheels come alive with touch sensitivity in their v… Continue reading

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History Unwrapped

A computer scientist reveals the text of ancient documents beyond repair. Continue reading

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An IBM Patent on Midair Handoffs for Delivery Drones

Amazon and Google’s dreams of delivery drones dropping off packages or pizza still face the problem of short delivery ranges. Most drones have limited battery life that restricts their services to less than a 10-mile delivery radius. A recently-app… Continue reading

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Citizen Scientists Donate Data for Online Price Personalization Research

Citizen scientists learn how algorithms affect their online shopping and help researchers break open the “black box” of price-personalization
By Chelsey Meyer

Have you ever wondered whether you see the same online prices as other consumers? If not… Continue reading

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Any Ban on Killer Robots Faces a Tough Sell

Fears of a Terminator-style arms race have already prompted leading AI researchers and Silicon Valley leaders to call for a ban on killer robots. The United Nations plans to convene its first formal meeting of experts on lethal autonomous weapons l… Continue reading

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The Electric Lilium Jet Hints at Future Air Taxis

The old science fiction fantasy of a flying car that both drives on the ground and flies in the air is unlikely to revolutionize daily commutes. Instead, Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs and aerospace companies dream of electric-powered aircraft t… Continue reading

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Meet Uber’s Partners Creating Flying Taxis for 2020

Uber sees no need for startups to bet on a risky “if you build it, they will come” strategy for flying taxis. Instead, the tech giant believes the demand for a faster aerial commuting option already exists among its 60 million monthly users–espec… Continue reading

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New Material Sucks Drinking Water Out Of Thin Air

A thin lattice of metals and organic compounds could turn moisture trapped in the atmosphere into drinkable water using only the power of the sun.

By optimizing what they call a metal-organic framework (MOF) to hang on to water molecules, researche… Continue reading

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Tarzan-inspired Robot Swings Like a Champion

As robots take on greater roles in society, one simple question remains without a satisfying answer: How are they going to move around?

Researchers have devised robots that run, walk, roll, hop and slither, but each method of locomotion comes with a… Continue reading

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Designing a Moral Machine

Artificial intelligence is learning right from wrong by studying human stories and moral principles. Continue reading

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When the Sun Turns Off the Lights

The sun could create chaos by way of its coronal mass. Continue reading

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Cooking Clean, Saving Lives

The impact of clean-burning stoves on global health. Continue reading

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Where’s the Lab-Grown Beef?

Past promises of lab meat were overly optimistic. Continue reading

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How to Follow a Fish

The tools researchers use to track their scaly subjects. Continue reading

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Panther Drone Delivers Package by Air and Land

A four-wheeled drone’s first aerial package delivery test showed off a special touch by also driving up to the doorstep of its pretend customer. That capability to deliver by both air and land makes the Panther drone an unusual competitor in the cro… Continue reading

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World’s Tiniest Race Cars Will Cover 100 Nanometers in 36 Hours

Four racing teams from around the world will gather in France this spring to compete for a first-of-its-kind title.

Their vehicles will “inch” to the starting line and explode into motion to kick off a marathon 36-hour race that will have covered le… Continue reading

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